Zenefits 的 CEO Parker Conrad 在Quora 上收回了一份Offer

2015年05月11日 42521次浏览
zenefits ceo Parker Conrad


有个用户同时获得了两份 Offer,分别来自 Uber 以及企业级人力资源管理应用 Zenefits,他很难取舍,就在Quora(美国版知乎)上提问,还列出了自己对这两份工作的看法,包括正面和负面:对加入 Uber 他列出了3个正面理由和1个负面理由,对加入 Zenefits 他列出了6个正面理由和1个负面理由。



  1. Zenefits has a great team. I really enjoyed talking to the people. They are people I think I would be more happy to work with

  2. I definitely think I can add more value to Zenefits. I have some great ideas that I will hopefully be able to pitch to upper management.

  3. Upper management is accessible. I can speak to top people (CEO, CTO) which is really nice.

  4. The job itself allows for more creative freedom, and with it more responsibility. However, it isn't as technically challenging. At Zenefits, I will be more of a developer than an engineer (thats what I think at-least).

  5. Zenefits seems to be really aggressive in trying to keep me. They have tried really hard to make me choose them over Uber. And they are paying me a better salary by about 15k (where Uber completely refused to negotiate).

  6. They also have an office in Canada, and they have promised to relocate me there if I don't get the H1B visa. When I asked Uber about this, I was told that it depends entirely on the performance review and manager (basically whether I am worth the trouble of relocating). Zenefits seems to be claiming that if I am an employee there, they will help me out and get my back.


  1. My biggest problem with Zenefits is that it isn't a buzzword like Uber. Most people won't know what Zenefits is (or so I think). I think that this isn't as exciting a brand name to have on your resume when applying to the likes of Google.
    I would really love to get some new perspectives into this. Thanks!

不幸的是Zenefits 的 CEO Parker Conrad 看到且回复了这个问题,同时收回了已经发出去的offer!

从 Quora 用户的投票来看,很多用户并不支持 Conrad 的这种行为。他的回答尽管获得了1200多个支持,但仍然排在非常后面。靠前的回答都对他提出了批评,排在第一的回答获得了1500个支持。

并且,很多人开始认为 Zenefits 并不是一个适合提问者工作的地方。我想现在这名用户也不需要再烦恼了,因为加入 Uber 已经成为了他唯一的选择。有意思的是,目前排名第二高的回答来自一名 Uber 员工,劝说这名匿名用户加入自己所在的公司。


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